Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #20

Okay, I feel that too many Chaikas inside Hartgen’s castle is very bad…

…and dangerous too. I rather have both Chaika Trabant and Bohdan over those clones!

By the way, nice seeing Frederica in adult form (or rather Dominica Škoda) once again.

Anyways, the tournament goes down with just a few fighters. But you know what, I think Hartgen and the Black Chaikas have selected people who are involved in Emperor Gaz’s remains, just to nab all of it in one fell swoop!

Moving onto this episode, seems that Vivi snapped Gillette-sama back to his senses… as the cost of his right hand. Ugh!

But hey, what’s important is that Vivi rescued her captain. Afterwards, they left the castle ’cause they got nothing to do here!

Next up is the battle between the two Chaika groups. Sure that it’s the most exciting part of this episode, but I have to say that this fight has been decided in favor of Tohru Acura and Chaika Trabant!

Well, they’re one step closer of getting the last piece…

I’m sorry, I meant letting Chaika Trabant’s group lose all of Gaz’s remains to Hartgen and the Black Chaikas once Shin beat Tohru.

After all, he stopped both Frederica and Akari along the way!

And that’s a wrap! See, I knew that Hartgen will nab all of the remains!

Of course, what will Hartgen do with Emperor Gaz’s remains? It’s not like he’s gonna revive the Taboo Emperor or anything as he wanted to become the second coming of Arthur Gaz!

Meanwhile, I’m itching to what those Black Chaikas and Guy are up to now that Niva Lada and all of Gaz’s remains are in their hands? In any case, next week is the penultimate episode!

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