Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #09

Today’s episode, the employees at Amagi Brilliant Park are storming into Latifah Fullanza’s castle…

…because someone accidentally activated the defense system, which puts the theme park into lockdown.

Good luck dodging those cannonballs though ’cause it’s gonna hurt!

Oh yeah and speaking of accident, the Elementario quartet are responsible for activating the defense system. And so, these four dancers must stop it before it blast those visitors to smithereens.

And by the way, they gone through hell when deactivating the system like doing karaoke, playing a Dance Dance Revolution-style game, and typing faster until your hands got hurts!

Meanwhile, seems that Latifah and the rest are enjoying their plight at the comfort of their security room. But regardless, Elementario succeeded in deactivating the defense system.

Really, what jerks you are for letting them do dangerous tasks!

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