SHIROBAKO Episode #08

Oh look, Kaori Miyamori and Midori Imai are having fun while the rest are working their asses off. Most of them are doing it for the money and some are doing it for their dreams!

Speaking of dreams, seems that Mr. Honda wanted to be a baker. Then again, Yutaka-san wearing an apron and a lipstick is so wrong!

Meanwhile, Ema-chan’s animation woe continues. Oh yeah, and the reason why she’s in a pinch right now is because Yasuhara can’t draw cats properly.

Um, I think you should draw some animals beforehand, apart from people and objects.

Luckily, Iguchu-san pulled her out and gave the animator some good advice, like try to emulate some of the work from your seniors and study them until you got it right!

Oh yeah, and Yumi told Ema to chill out and go outside a bit. She might even get some inspiration, which Yasuhara-san did on this episode by looking at Iguchi-san taking care of a white cat.

With that said, Ema-chan’s motivation has returned and she’s back on making key frames! Good job, Yumi Iguchi-sempai!

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