Log Horizon 2 Episode #09

Well, Shiroe has returned but having the strategist going back to raid once more will be postponed for the time being…

Instead, this episode shows how he and his party lost to a raid boss.

First of all, the raid party is having a hard time beating Luseat. Its patterns have changed and it’s pain in the ass to kill it due to summoning Shadow Vanguards which will be used for healing Luseat’s wounds once they’re destroyed.

However, things got worse when two raid bosses Taltaulgar and Ibrahabra appeared without warning in Luseat’s zone.

With three bosses now bringing devastation, Shiroe and the rest are pretty much screwed!

Even William Massachusetts can’t believe it! Well Mr. Massachusetts, I guess this is your 101st defeat then…

As for Shiroe, this is his first as the strategist lost some fragments of his memories, yet he learned not to put doubt nor suspicion on others.

In short, Shiroe needs to have more trust not only on himself, but for his friends and team-mates!

Anyways, we now leave this episode with Shiroe meeting Akatsuki just like the first and sixth episode. Well then Shiroe, I bid you good luck for next week’s episode!

One last note, Shiroe found out that the moon is the rumored 14th server, which used for testing and debugging back when Elder Tale was still a game.

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