Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #21

Well, she should have died from being stabbed instead of recovering her wounds at a hospital, in a private room no less!

Anyway, I hate Ulith for being a sadistic bitch!

Meanwhile, Chiyori has returned for a final battle against any Selector since she’s one loss away for having her wish tainted. Speaking of wishes, Chiyori wanted to become a heroine, which is already filled by Ruko!

Now for the final bout, Chiyori was supposed to challenge Akira, but it seems that Aki-lucky wanted to challenge Ulith instead…

So, that leaves Hitoe to take on Chiyori. As for Ruko, she’s gonna sit this one out and watch how it unfolds.

Now for the battle itself, I have to say that it’s lop-sided with Yuzuki beating Eldora with little effort.

Well Chiyori, I’m sad to see you go but it’s for your own good ’cause becoming an Eternal Girl isn’t awesome. Of course, I only hope that Chiyori would just have her memories wiped instead of having a tainted wish that’s worse than not remembering WIXOSS at all.

Anyways, next week will have Akira having a battle with Ulith. Oh yeah, just to remind you that Aki-lucky is more deranged as ever after Ulith dissing her last week!

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