Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #09

This is Alexandra Alshavin, or Sasha for short. She’s considered one of the greatest war maiden ever lived, but Sasha got into hard times when she’s bed-ridden because of her illness.

Therefore, she can’t do anything but to watch as her domain is being attacked…

…by another war maiden. Named Elizavetta Fomina, she has a feisty attitude that she wanted to be the strongest war maiden!

In fact, Liza provoked Elen by invading Sasha’s domain Legnica…

…just to fight her in the battlefield. But then again, Elizavetta decides to make a non-aggression pact with Eleonora because her strength is not enough to beat the war maiden of Leitmeritz.

Also, Liza decides to spare Sasha for the time being because of the non-aggression pact. Unfortunately, I doubt that it will last!

Meanwhile, Kureys Shahin Balamir and his Mouzinel Army are preparing to invade Brune once more. Unfortunately for Barbaros, his army will be crushed by the combined forces of both Tigrevurmud and Ludmilla.

Speaking of Tigre and Milla, they’re preparing to decimate Mouzinel using their combined powers. Sorry, I meant preparing a strategy like how to crush the Red Beard’s 40,000 strong army with a fighting force of just 2,000 men!

With that said, it’s off to next week!

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