Sword Art Online II Episode #21

Here’s Kirito and he’ll just stand there and pose with his shiny Excalibur!

It’s a joke by the way as he’ll hold the line, just for Asuna and the Sleeping Knights to charge into the boss room and kill it!

Now that Asuna, Yuuki, and the rest of the Sleeping Knights are inside the boss room, it’s time to make history…

…by beating the 27th Floor Boss faster before the next raid party comes in!

Sure that having a large party would be a piece of cake against a boss, but having few members fighting it is more challenging and exciting.

But then again, there’s Yuuki as she can mow down bosses with her 11-hit sword skill so the battle is somewhat a cakewalk.

Thanks to Asuna pointing out its weak point, Yuuki successfully finished the 27th Floor Boss… And now, there’s much rejoicing for the Sleeping Knights!

Hell, they even got their names included on the Monument of Swordsmen, which is a proud moment for both Yuuki and Asuna. Great job!

However, it seems that Yuuki is not happy for some reason. Could it be that she has an incurable disease, or she sees Asuna as her big sister?

Maybe in the next episode, I’ll find some answers!

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