Le Fruit de la Grisaia Episode #09

This is Makina’s father… Unfortunately, he’s dead because Makina’s mother hired some hitmen to kill him, as well as kidnap Makina too ’cause why not. Damn, Mrs. Irisu was a bitch!

Oh yeah, and Makina had sex with Yuuji. At least they’re not blood-related or anything ’cause Yuuji is acting like a father to Makina, remember?

By the way, my post for Cross Ange Episode 9 will be postponed until Episode 10 is released due to rage-inducing reasons. Therefore, I’ll make a single post covering both episodes instead.

Anyway, it’s the conclusion of Makina Irisu’s story arc where Yuuji decides to save Makina instead of killing her. Therefore, they’re on the run!

By the way, it was revealed that Kiyoka Irisu has ordered to blow up Sarina’s car so she can mentally scar her “already disowned” daughter. While Sarina has survived somehow, the reason why Mrs. Irisu wanted to break Makina’s mind is because her daughter has photographic memory.

This troubled Kiyoka as she and her family will be arrested once Makina said about her father’s death, as well as exposing their corruption activities.

And sadly though, they succeeded. Damn, this is so cruel to see Makina die like this!

Well Yuuji, you failed as a father. But don’t worry, there’s only one thing left to do…

Why not kill Makina’s scumbag mother and expose this bitch’s secrets!

I don’t know what happened to Makina’s grandmother, but what’s important is that Makina has been avenged once Yuuji showered Kiyoka Irisu with lead. Hurray!

And look, Makina is alive at the end of this story arc. Double hurray!

Well, this story arc is such an emotional roller-coaster and the only complaint that I have is 8-bit didn’t show a single sex scene.

Maybe the next episode, they’ll include one even though it’ll be censored anyway!

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