Akatsuki no Yona Episode #09

This is King Su-won as he’s busy cleaning up the kingdom from within, like executing corrupted officials and making sure that the Fire Tribe won’t do stupid things like staging a hostile takeover of Kouka.

He’s so busy with his royal duties that finding the dragon warriors is a pain for Su-won, despite the fact that he read about them when he was a child.

Meanwhile, Hak is training Yona on using a bow and arrow. Sure that King Il forbade Hak to train his daughter on how to fight, but Yona’s father is already dead so it’s time for the princess to become a warrior.

Also, even though Yona can fire an arrow like a pro, the problem for the princess is that she’s hesitating on killing someone like Su-won or any pursuer that she and Hak might encounter in the future.

For now, it’s onto the next episode as Yona and Hak are trying to save Yun from these guards of the White Dragon Tribe!

Speaking of the White Dragon Tribe, I’m hoping that Yona will meet one of the dragon warriors once she rescued Yun from them.

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