Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #21

Oh noes, seems that Selma was attacked and the remains are stolen by Hartgen’s men! Why this episode has escalated quickly?

By the way, Frederica shed her shell again, but this time she’s not making a shout-out to Aliens nor she’s too weak to battle!

Meanwhile, all of Gaz’s remain are gathered inside Hartgen’s throne room.

While Stephan Hartgen is expecting to use those remains to become the next Taboo Emperor, those remains were used by the Black Chaika in which she devoured it and gave birth.

The result… Wait, ins’t that Guy, why is he doing here? On the other hand, he looks different from those clones.

Oh, I get it. Guy is actually Arthur Gaz, which is the most shocking truth I’ve ever seen on this penultimate episode! It even confirms that the Chaika clones are nothing more than tools for gathering his remains, just to reincarnate the Taboo Emperor.

As for Stephan Hartgen, he was killed by Emperor Arthur Gaz. Sorry Hartgen, but he’s going to restart the war, not you!

At this point, everyone is shocked to see that the Taboo Emperor has arrived to bring the continent into chaos. Not only he got a new body, but he has Niva Lada too.

Also Shin Acura, put your knife down you asshole brother!

Anyways, next week is the final episode. As for Tohru, he should accept Frederica’s offer to become a dragoon cavalier now that the world is on a brink of war!

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