Parasyte -the maxim- Episode #10

Oh Tachikawa, you’re scared straight now that Hideo has shown his true form last week! Well, the only thing you could do is throw that acid bottle at him…

And it works, but you made Shimada-kun more angry so run away while you still can! By the way, Yuko Tachikawa didn’t die on this episode.

Meanwhile, Shinichi rush into the school building to save Satomi. As for those two guys, they ran away to their death.

Honestly, they should have listen to Izumi-kun and follow him so that they wouldn’t get themselves killed by Shimada-kun!

Speaking of Shimada, he’s still terrorizing people…

Hell, even the police are no match for Hideo and his parasite appendages!

They should have brought in the SWAT team ’cause their handguns are ineffective where Hideo can just deflect it.

So, it’s up to Shinichi and his trusty right hand Migi to finish him off! Oh yeah, he’s not gonna take Shimada-kun head on…

Instead, Izumi-kun just pick up a stone and throw at him, straight at the heart!

By the way, a normal person can’t throw an object that’s faster than firing a sniper rifle so it’s mind-boggling for Shinichi to throw a rock like a bullet.

With that said, Hideo has been defeated. However, despite the authorities recovered his corpse, the existence of parasite-infested humans remains hidden for now.

As for Satomi Murano, she patched up with Izumi-kun as their relationship restored after Murano suspects him as a different person.

Anyways, it’s onto next week where Kana returns and explain why she has psychic powers.

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