Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #10

Well, Amagi Brilliant Park is back in the black!

Sure that the theme park is booming with attendance increasing, thanks in part of renovating the existing attractions while adding new ones, but it’s not enough to meet the target attendance of 500,000 guests.

Once more, it seems that tragedy has struck once again…

…as Princess Latifah collapses. This time, it’s more serious as it was revealed that she was cursed by a wizard, whose energy called Animus are being sapped away instead of receiving it.

The reason why Latifah was inflicted by that curse is because the king of Maple Land refused the wizard on marrying the princess.

Not only her energy is being drained, but the curse also revealed that her memories are being reset every year.

Hence, Latifah Fullanza will remain as a 14 year-old princess, but she’ll forget Seiya Kanie and the rest of Amagi Brilliant Park at the start of August.

And so, Kanie-kun is facing two crises: One is Princess Latifah’s curse, the other is the theme park not meeting the target attendance at the end of July. At this point, the pressure is on for Seiya to achieve both objectives!

Meanwhile, I have a notion that Moffle is actually the king of Maple Land while Kurisu Takaya is the wizard. No wonder Kurisu hated Amagi Brilliant Park because of Princess Latifah.

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