Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode #09

Today’s episode… I don’t know about this one as Episode 9 is riddled with off-model animation! Production IMS, have you lost some budget that you’ve outsource it to those guys that brought us Rail Wars?

Anyways, the Tail Rangers attacked Dark Grasper, fearing that she’s using her idol persona to control Earth using glasses.

Unfortunately, Tail Red and company are trapped by Isna- I mean Dark Grasper and they’re sent into another dimension, all while trying to put glasses onto Twoearle because the glasses fetish are fading away (Akihito won’t accept that!).

But seriously, there’s another reason for putting glasses as Isna-chan is in love with Twoearle, to the point that she’s harboring yandere tendencies on the former twintailed heroine. Go figure!

Luckily, they broke free from Dark Grasper’s illusion and combine their weapons into a cannon that’ll finish her off.

After all, this series ain’t a Super Sentai parody without a team bazooka!

With that said, Dark Grasper is finished. And while it’s sad that she won’t be able to save the glasses fetish from extinction, it’s a wasted opportunity for Isna to join the heroes instead of being stuck as a villain.

Well Isna-chan, you sure be missed!

Scratch that, Isna is alive and she stole Tail Red’s first kiss. Looks like Aika, Erina, and Twoearle are going to kill Dark Grasper for stealing that kiss!

Oh well, I hope next week’s episode won’t have any QUALITY animation!

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