Log Horizon 2 Episode #10

Sucks that they lost just because three raid bosses gang up on William Massachusetts’ guild. Now, they’re going to quit because they’re scared of losing their memories!

Well, that’s understandable and honestly, having three bosses in a single area is very unfair! Kudos to Mamare-san for bringing Dark Souls to Log Horizon.

However, William tells them that it’s not the end of the world as he made a rousing speech to his fellow Silver Sword members on not to run away and get back up when you’re down. Great job on bringing their morale back, Will!

While on the subject of William, his life outside of Elder Tale is harsh as he’s so hot-headed that he has no friends. But once he played Elder Tale and saw Shiroe and his exploits as the strategist to the Debauchery Tea Party, William became what he was today as a strong guild master who trusts his team-mates like companions.

Speaking of Shiroe, he’s back and he’s ready to bring those raid bosses down once again together with Demikas, Tetra, Naotsugu and the rest of Silver Sword!

Let’s hope that they’ll earn the prize on the next episode!

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