Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #22

Well, it’s sad that Chiyori has to go… The good news is that she won’t become a LRIG anymore!

And now, it’s time to say good-bye to Eldora as she step out from her card and walk like it’s nothing.

Eldora, you and your Selector will surely be missed!

Meanwhile, Akira has challenged Ulith to a Selector battle as she showing her yangire tendencies.

Unfortunately, the odds are not in her favor!

Well Aki-lovely, say good-bye to your life as a Selector as you’ll lose to Tama-chan… A scary black Tama-chan!

Sucks to see her go, but it’s better than seeing you sinking into oblivion. And with that, Ulith won the battle and she’s about to become a LRIG again.

Unfortunately, seems that Tama refused to accept Ulith’s wish, thus she was locked away in the white room as Mayu got angry at Tama.

Meanwhile, it raises some questions to what happened to Akira and Ulith. Sure that Akira lost, but she wasn’t appeared after the battle. As for Ulith, her fate was unknown so I can’t determine if she’s a LRIG or not.

As for Ulith’s former body, seems that it was returned to its rightful owner. So what you’re see on this picture is actually the original Iona Urazoe.

Oh yeah, since this show got two Ionas, Ruko’s LRIG will be named as Yuki. It’s better than having three Ionas running around!

While Iona returns to her normal life, next week will see Ruko and Hitoe meeting Yuzuki’s former LRIG, Hanayo. By the way, Hanayo isn’t happy on dating Kazuki since she’s having an identity crisis.

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