Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #10

Well guys, it’s now or never for Tigre and Mila as both of them are going to mow those invaders down.

Unfortunately, their combined strength and their measly army can’t make a deciding blow to Kureys Shahin Balamir and his Mouzinellan Army, so they’re in a bind as we speak!

Luckily, they got reinforcements which pushed the enemy away from where they came from. You may thank Count Mashas for asking some knights for help.

But just when the battle is heating up to its climax, Kureys has decided to withdraw his forces as his naval fleet was sunk by Duke Thenadier’s forces. Really Kureys, even though retreating is the only option, I wanna see you get shot in the head!

Well, that’s so anti-climatic… But hey, at least the southern portion of Brune is saved!

And look, Eleonora has returned to see Tigrevurmud after a hard-fought battle.

Scratch the hard-fought battle as his victory against Mouzinel wasn’t worth it without taking out Kureys’ head as a prize! Oh, and Ludmilla is seducing Tigre just to spite Elen on her return.

As of now, five war maiden are already appeared on this series. However, it seems that there’s two more before Madan no Ou to Vanadis ends. Unfortunately with three episodes to go, I don’t think they’ll show up at all!

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