Sword Art Online II Episode #22

Continuing from last week’s episode, Asuna search for answers to why Yuuki disappeared after clearing the 27th Floor Boss.

By the way, I found out that Yuuki is not Asuna’s long-lost sister…

However, it was revealed that Yuuki has an incurable disease in which she’ll won’t live much longer. As for the disease itself, she has acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS for short.

Yuuki’s symptoms is so severe that she’s bound to her bed for three years. The only way to communicate Yuuki is via a medical full-dive system called Medicuboid.

I have to say, seeing Yuuki-chan like that… It broke my heart so much!

So was Asuna as she treats Yuuki not just an online buddy, but a little sister.

With that said, this is the main highlight of this story arc. I have to say that with all the hype surrounding Mother’s Rosario, this one didn’t disappoint me as A-1 Pictures did a good job for this episode.

Of course, even though Asuna finally met Yuuki after beating the hardest floor boss in New Aincrad, this arc isn’t over just yet!

So with that, I leave you with this heart-warming moment between Asuna and Yuuki.

With two episodes to go, I’m hoping that the ending of Mother’s Rosario not only resolve Asuna’s relationship with her mother, but to bring an ever-lasting memory for Yuuki!

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