Akatsuki no Yona Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Yun and he’s alright after being kidnapped by guards of the White Dragon Tribe. I guess it’s time for him to be released!

Then again, most of the villagers ignored Yun until Yona and Hak point them out about their companion.

Anyways, moving onto this episode where they met Ki-ja, whose right arm has the blood and power of the white dragon.

Surprisingly, Ki-ja easily joined to Yona’s cause as wanted to do something for the princess instead of being stuck in the village like his predecessors.

Honestly, I like how Ki-ja shows his undying loyalty to Princess Yona, which is a good thing as he’ll be an asset on finding the rest of the dragon warriors.

Of course, Ki-ja will have to compete with Hak as both of them hated each other.

Well, it’s understandable considering that both Ki-ja and Hak wanted to protect Yona from harm. But seriously, they should calm down!

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