Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #13

Hey guys, it’s Tabane and I have to say that she’s becoming more like Nui Harime. For those who didn’t watch Kill la Kill, I describe Nui Harime as a troll… a really horrible troll character!

So with that said, here’s an extra episode Infinite Stratos 2 called the “World Purge Chapter” and I have to say that this episode is not only fanservice-laden, but I don’t think it’ll spark interest for another season, let alone having enough light novel material for it!

Let’s start off with a new character named Hikaruno Kagaribi. While she’s responsible for doing maintenance on Byakushiki…

…Hikaruno is interested in Ichika as she wants to molest him, and show him the ropes if you know what I mean.

But then again, Ichika is not interested in sex so screw it! Let’s move on.

On this episode, IS Academy is being attacked by terrorists from United States. And while Tatenashi and Chifuyu-nee take them out with brute force, Houki and the rest will have to deal with a hacker via cyberspace…

Sounds cool for all five girls to dive into virtual reality, so they can find the intruder and thwart his/her plans, right?

Unfortunately, this is where the World Purge comes in as the hacker made a trap to them, living to their wildest fantasies.

With that said, the majority of this OVA is full of fanservice. Here, we see Cecilia taking a bath…

…together with Ichika as she treats him as a butler in her dream. I’ll have to say, damn you 8-bit for making this OVA!

Oh, and it’s not just Cecilia, but Laura and Charlotte as well! I won’t comment on their lewd outfit as they’re in their wildest fantasies with Ichika-kun.

Don’t forget Lingyin as she’s gonna get laid in her dreams. On the other hand, something tells me that her figure is somewhat thin as her ribs are showing…

But, it’s time for us to end this sweet trap as the real Ichika is here to save them and take out those fakes!

By the way girls, don’t try to poke his eyes out as it wasn’t him who dress you up in sexy clothes nor grope your ass and tits. I mean, you created a not-so dense version of Ichika that is part handsome and part pervert!

Now that all four girls are rescued, it’s time to save Houki.

However, it’s the most challenging rescue ever that Kanzashi send Ichika some equipment as it’s too dangerous to go alone without one. With that said, let’s move onto Houki’s dream…

…where I feel that her fantasy is modest. Houki, your dream is boring unlike the rest of Ichika’s harem!

Sure that you have an ideal version of Ichika that is stronger and a better swordsman than you, but it’s so modest that I pity you!

So Houki, it’s time to wake up as the real Ichika steps in to destroy your ideal version of your childhood friend.

By the way Ichika, nice kendo armor you got there!

With that said, he rescued all of them. It wasn’t that easy as he’s often mistaken as a lecherous idiot!

Anyways, let’s catch that hacker…

Unfortunately, seems that the hacker has won the battle as Tabane’s friend Chloe Chronicle managed to break into the core…

…and extract the data from Chifuyu’s first IS unit, the Kagezakura.

Honestly, the fact that she got date from one of the first IS unit makes me wonder what she’s planning to do with it. Is Tabane gonna make the next-generation IS unit that it doesn’t need human input (let alone people), and sold it to the likes of Phantom Task and such?

Regardless, what makes it clear is that Tabane Shinonono is a dangerous troll!

Anyways, Ichika returns to the real world and he was greeted by Tatenashi-kaichou!

Well Orimura-kun, I’m sure that you already have a mouthful of seeing naked women in the virtual world. Too bad though, you won’t grab Tatenashi’s boobies at this point.

Meanwhile, Chifuyu told Chloe not to snoop into something confidential like her previous job as an IS pilot. If she does that again and told about it to Tabane, Chifuyu won’t hesitate on bringing both of them down.

By the way, Chloe Chronicle isn’t just an ordinary girl as she’s actually a biological IS. While she might be the first of its kind to have combat capabilities on par with current-generation IS units, Chloe is dangerous as she’s in cahoots with Tabane.

Of course, Chloe will remain a mystery as Infinite Stratos won’t have another season until then, as 8-bit will have to wait for the novels to have enough volumes for Season 3. But with that said, that’s the end for this OVA episode of Infinite Stratos 2.

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