Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #22

Hey guys, it’s Frederica as she’s returned to aid Tohru one last time!

Oh, and ditch those saboteur knives ’cause you’ll make a contract with her and become a dragoon cavalier.

Well Shin, be careful what you wish for as he’s gonna get you and Emperor Gaz!

Meanwhile, the Black Chaika is sitting pretty after giving birth to her father. But you know, I feel that she needs to be killed…

…by Akari and Chaika Bohdan’s group. Seriously, she needs to get punished for screwing both Stephan Hartgen and the Chaika Trabant!

All it needs is a fatal kick from Chaika Bohdan. Sorry Akari, it’s sad that you didn’t make the coup de grace onto Chaika Gaz!

But hey, with the Black Chaika already deceased, the Chaika clones (plus Irina and Arina) are decommissioned so there’s no need to worry about trying to maim them or bash their heads repeatedly!

Moving onto Gaz’s floating castle where Tohru met Shin. Sure that he told him to quit being a saboteur ’cause Tohru is not fitted to become one…

…but Shin didn’t tell Tohru not to fight anymore nor didn’t stop him from becoming a dragoon cavalier.

Jokes on you Shin, and now you’re dead!

Next up, it’s Emperor Arthur Gaz as he revealed that humans loves war. And so, he tries to upload his personality to all of mankind so that they’ll become like him and wage war forever.

Emperor Gaz, mankind will be dead if the war goes on for centuries you bastard god-emperor. Therefore, it’s time for Tohru to make a funeral for you!

But then again, Emperor Arthur Gaz is so powerful that brute force couldn’t kill, let alone scratch the taboo emperor!

So much for becoming a dragoon cavalier as you’ve been staked alive!

And now, the world is doomed as Emperor Gaz is about to kill Tohru Acura and destroy everyone, when Niva Lada defects to Chaika Trabant as she can’t kill her.

Whoops, seems that Niva Lada’s anti-theft measures have major flaws! That’ll cost you, Emperor Gaz..

As for Niva Lada, she went to Chaika Trabant and aid in her funeral rites. Sorry Daddy Arthur, you should have treat your daughters nicely instead of using them as tools for your revival!

And with that, Emperor Arthur Gaz has been defeated once again and peace reign over the continent. I have to say that it was an easy win for Chaika Trabant as Emperor Gaz show little resistance to the sheer power of Niva’s Gundo mode. And honestly, the fact that his objective to turn humanity into Arthur Gaz clones is so silly and absurd!

As for Chaika Trabant, I’m sad that she sacrificed her memories to bring a fitting end to Emperor Gaz. Oh well, I’m sure gonna miss her!

Anyways, that’s the end of Hitsugi No Chaika. Sure that it was rushed, but I wish Kadokawa and Studio Bones should make 12 episodes instead of 10 for the second half.

But hey, the series conclusion is great and most of the characters like Alberic Gillette, Vivi Holopainen, and the rest of his squad got their happy ending.

Heck, even Chaika Bohdan and Akari Acura settled down peacefully after the battle against the taboo emperor.

Then again, I feel that the Red Chaika will get her own story in the OVA episode. Just hoping that Bones will adapt one of her side stories as they didn’t show what happened to both David and Selma.

Oh yeah, and here’s a last-minute surprise as Chaika Trabant is alive. Sure that she’s recovering from her memory loss, but the good thing is that she’s with Tohru and they live happily ever after.

C’mon, it’s a fairy-tale ending despite living through hell from the beginning of this series!

And with that, I leave you with this final picture as both of them are seeing the trees bloom. See ya, Tohru Acura and Chaika Trabant!

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