Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #11

It’s crunch time folks in Amagi Brilliant Park as Kanie-kun is determined to save both Princess Latifah and the theme park!

Well, scratch the “saving Latifah from her curse” part as it’s already set in stone. Instead, Seiya is focused on saving the theme park. And what a better way to get more attendees is to hold a soccer match at Brilliant Stadium. Great idea there, Kanie-kun!

And so, the park has hold a soccer match to attract more customers and meet the target attendance of 500,000.

While the staff work hard to meet the demand of the guests, it wasn’t enough…

…as Amagi Brilliant Park didn’t reach the target attendance at 6 PM. So, with 3 hours remaining before the deadline, it’s up to Kanie to get 252 customers or more in order to reach 500,000!

And BTW, good thing Kurisu Takaya didn’t reset the counter ’cause they’ll get trolled by him big time!

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