SHIROBAKO Episode #10

This is Toshiyasu Kawano, a veteran sound effects maker who dragged Oi-chan into doing foley instead of delivering a dombra to the staff at Sawara Studio.

But despite the mix-up, Miyamori is enjoying it before one of the staff point Mr. Kawano out that she’s just bringing an instrument to them!

Meanwhile, Misa Toudou decides to quit Super Media Creations as she wanted to pursue a career in doing 3D animation instead of making 3D car parts forever.

Sure that her boss is previously known for making a CGI movie called Zoo Park Story, but it’s in the past now that the company is becoming like Polyphony Digital! If you know about the Gran Turismo video game series, Polyphony Digital is responsible for making it since 1997.

Moving onto Shizuka as she struggling to break into the seiyuu industry. So for now, she plays one of the characters from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

On the subject of Beckett, Shirobako Episode 6 was removed because the play featured female actors, something that Beckett himself objected about it even after his death… or so it seems as most of the viewers point out that Ide(p)on was the main reason for its removal!

Finally, the storyboard for the final episode of Exodus! is finished as Director Kinoshita mustered all of his strength to rush into completion!

So it seems that everything is okay, right? No, not exactly as I’m worried that his over-confidence of finishing Episode 13 could derail him and the rest of the staff so they have a long way to go until the episode is delivered!

Oh yeah, I would like to point out that not only Ochiai will leave Musashino Animation once Exodus! is over, but Honda-san as well as he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pastry chef.

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