Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode #10

So it seems that Dark Grasper has a liking to Tail Red that she’s now collecting merchandise. What a turn of events after last week’s episode!

On this episode, the Twin Tails (They should have called themselves as Tail Rangers) encountered this week’s monster. This is Spider Guildy and he’s into shotacon, specifically the cross-dressing kind as seeing cute boys in girls clothing turned him on!

Oh well, it’s time for him to say bye-bye as Tail Red will take him out as usual. However, it won’t happen this time as Spider Guildy struck Tail Red so hard…

…that Souji became a girl permanently. Dammit, who will appreciate twintails when he became a female!?

Anyways, the next episode will see Twoearle fix that as she wants to pop Souji’s cherry!

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