Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #23

Hanayo-san… I’m sure that you started to have feelings towards Kazuki, but you’re conflicted of betraying Yuzuki that you felt pain and suffering because you’re not her!

Anyway, the penultimate episode has arrived as Kazuki know the gist of what’s happening around the series, as well as the fate of all Selectors upon winning their battles.

Oh yeah, and remember what I’ve said that Tama was locked away in Mayu’s room? Well, there’s one way to call her out and it’s a Selector battle between Hitoe and Ruko. And yes, they’re gonna fight like their lives is on the line!

So, Ruko and Yuki are dead-set of rescuing Tama and reaching out Mayu. It maybe risky, but it’s worth a shot!

But unfortunately, they were stopped by Ulith who wanted to inflict more pain after her mysterious disappearance from last week’s episode.

And what a better way to settle their differences is another Selector battle… in Mayu’s white room, of course!

Looks like diplomacy is useless in WIXOSS, but at least there’s more BATTORU as Ruko and Yuki take on…

…Mayu and Ulith? Oh, this is interesting as the final boss decides to fight instead of sitting in her throne and watch it unfolds!

Then again, having no experience in Selector battles as she always watches her imaginary competitors all the time, makes Ruko the favorite to win this battle as she fought many Selectors with just a single loss to Ulith.

However, there’s a spanner in the works as Mayu revealed that Yuki is disqualified for becoming an Eternal Girl. Gee Mayu, you’re making some useless shit just to win!

Luckily, Tama asked Ruko to switch with Yuki so they continue their battle against Mayu. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Sorry, nobody runs away from a Selector battle as Yuki got hit by Ulith and she’s about to disappear.

Fuck you Ulith, you’re making it worse for Ruko, you sick sadistic bitch! Also, one final reveal before I end this post as Mayu is dead all along… Well, that’s a surprise!

Sure that Mayu’s parents abandoned her, but why did they left their daughter to die? Are they scared of her because Mayu has uncontrollable powers, or they don’t want to waste their time and resources to take care of Mayu?

While these questions will remain unanswered, I feel that next week’s episode will lead towards a downer ending and no room for a sequel!

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