Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #11

Oh look Julio and Riza are doing some “feel good” sex after Ange scarred Julio’s face. How adorable!

Then again, it was found out that Riza is poisoning Julio… and look, she got dragon wings! I have a feeling that the Misurugi Empire is being controlled by DRAGONs!

As for Sylvia, I think she’s gonna become Riza’s whipping bitch!

Moving onto this episode as Arzenal is being attack by not only DRAGONs, but Para-Mails from another faction where they decimated half of the base!

Hmm, something tells me that their appearance near Arzenal isn’t just a random summon as it seems that someone is sabotaging Commander Jill’s plans of rebellion. Also, this Para-Mail has a super mode where all it needs is Yui Horie’s singing voice. Awesome!

But that’s enough VA trivia for today as Salia is going to engage the enemy Para-Mail using Ange’s Vilkiss.

Really Salia, didn’t Commander Jill told you that you suck at piloting it and therefore barred you from using the Vilkiss? Ugh, I guess Salia was so jealous at Ange that she ignored the commander’s warning!

Therefore, she got a kicking from the opposing Para-Mail without any effort. Sorry, but it’s time for Ange to take over…

See Salia, Ange is going to jump over towards Vilkiss, crotch grab you, and throw you away to the sea. But don’t worry, Hilda is gonna save you before plunging down to your doom!

And so, Ange takes over the Vilkiss and engage the enemy Para-Mail. Heck, she even sings too so she could power her Vilkiss to its super mode.

But then, both Yui Horie and Nana Mizuki’s singing voice are clashing each other that they made a closed dimensional rift…

…in which the pilot of the enemy Para-Mail showed herself to Ange. Named Sala, she’s the designated rival of the protagonist that it spanned across different worlds. Nice idea, Fukuda-san!

Anyway, I don’t know what’s gonna happen on the next episode. However, I know one thing that the DRAGONs are controlling the world… and they can shape-shift too that humans can’t do anything but go crazy!

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