Log Horizon 2 Episode #11

New equipment, renewed ambition!

And so, two Log Horizon members, Demikas, Tetra, and the rest of Silver Sword have returned to battle!

This time, they’re gonna divide and conquer as the raid party micro-manage themselves to destroy three bosses by keeping them apart!

Speaking of Demikas, he’s still pissed at Shiroe even though he’s being helped by the villain-in-glasses as usual.

Sure that it’s Shiroe’s fault that Demikas became a docile adventurer that he couldn’t hit a lander and went downhill from there, but it was thanks to the villain-in-glasses that Demikas got slapped with reality so he can’t do whatever he wants as it’s no longer a game!

Now back to the present as he dragged Shiroe away from the battlefield…

…and drop him into the Abyssal Shaft’s treasure room. Well, that was surprising, but look at all the money this room has!

Well then, let’s finish the final boss and get the gold to Akihabara!

And look, it’s Kinjou and I have a feeling that he’s actually a raid boss-in-disguise. But damn, he finally shown his true colors that he won’t let Shiroe get all of the money in the bank!

Next week, I expect Shiroe to do some diplomacy. But then again, I truly wanted for that villain-in-glasses to bring Kinjou down to his knees!

One last note, Tetra will be joining the Log Horizon guild as of this episode.

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