Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #11

This is Valentina Glinka Estes, and thank goodness that there’s one war maiden introduced to this episode!

Anyway, Valentina teleport herself to Tigrevurmud’s room and she’s about to assassinate the count…

…until Tigre sub-consciously grope her left breast. Yeah, it happens every time!

I have to say that I’m glad he save himself by grabbing someone’s boobies, and it was a close call too as Valentina didn’t get agitated or we might see getting Tigre’s head chopped off!

Meanwhile, this female refugee from Episode 8 came out from her hiding, revealing her true identity as Lady Regin or should I call her officially as Prince Regnas Estelle Loire Bastien do Charles.

The reason why Regin call herself as Prince Regnas is because princesses in the Brune royal family are scorned as she can’t become a heir apparent to the throne. Apart from that, Lady Regin faked her death so she could survive from assassins and live to tell her tale. Of course, Tigre and the rest are not convinced that she’s part of the royal family.

So, Lady Regin requested Tigre to go to Artesium’s capital of Lutetia in order to prove herself that she’s the real princess.

However, there’s a problem as Artesium is Duke Ganelon’s territory. While he expects Tigre on bringing the princess and fell into his trap, Duke Ganelon suddenly disappears after Artesium has fallen at the hands of Duke Thenadier.

While the question of whether the alliance between Thenadier and Ganelon has severed its ties or not remains a mystery, one thing is clear is that Duke Ganelon’s trap has set for Tigre and his allies… unless Tigre out-smart him and Duke Thenadier.

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post with Eleonora and Ludmilla as both of them teamed-up…

…to fight Duke Thenadier’s dragons. While both war maidens hated each other, they did a great job on bringing those beasts down together!

With two episodes to go, there’s one more war maiden left to be introduced!

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