Sword Art Online II Episode #23

Something tells me that Asuna should wear a pirate hat and an eye-patch…

It’s the penultimate episode as Asuna asked Kirito to make a camera for Yuuki that projects real-life images at the comfort of her own virtual space!

As part of her last request, Yuuki wants to see the outside world…

…including her previous home one final time. Man, I think I need a tissue!

Sure that it’s gonna be over soon, but I wanna see Asuna giving Yuuki more memories before going up to heaven.

After spending time with Yuuki, Asuna mustered all of her might to have a heart-to-heart talk with her strict mother.

And by the way, she’s not gonna do it normally as Asuna wanted to talk her mom online.

So, Asuna invited Mrs. Kyouko Yuuki to Alfheim Online. And I have to say for myself, Kyouko’s in-game avatar feels lighter!

But that’s not the point as Asuna wanted to show the world of ALO…

…as well as telling Mrs. Yuuki that her grandparents are very proud of seeing their daughter becoming a successful woman.

And while Kyouko resented her parents for being poor, she started shedding tears after hearing Asuna’s story. The bottom-line is that Mrs. Yuuki became a loving mother to her daughter after a heart-to-heart talk in Alfheim Online. Of course, Kyouko won’t accept Kazuto Kirigaya as Asuna’s boyfriend just yet!

In any case, it’s a great resolution to Asuna’s relationship with Mrs. Yuuki and damn the FEELS are strong on this penultimate episode! Alas, the next episode will be the end of the second season.

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