Le Fruit de la Grisaia Episode #11

Wow Kazuki, you sure suck Amane’s nape so hard that she’s having orgasm! Oh yeah, and while it’s looks erotic, Kazuki is sucking it so that Amane won’t bleed as her nape is bitten by a leech.

But thanks to Kazuki, Amane is safe and everyone will survive the disaster when she’s around…

However, everyone went into a downward spiral once they reach the 12th Day of their ordeal.

You see, their basketball club advisor disappeared (We’ll never know if he abandoned his students or died mid-way from finding help!), two students have serious lacerations that one of them have molds covered in her wound, and lastly their pet dog Alione died from starvation.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there as the survivors cook the dog and eat it for nourishment. Even though they ate a small portion of Alione, their sanity remained intact.

Unfortunately, the next episode will lose it and they’ll start killing each other until there’s only one left! While I’m expected for Amane to survive this harsh ordeal, I wanna know what happened to Yuuji’s sister next week.

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  1. hell5atan says:

    Reminds me of those football players who got trap in the snowy mountains when their plane crash and had to survive by eating the dead

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