Ika Musume OVA Episode #03

Welcome back Ika-chan for this third OVA! Sure that you’re being chased by dogs, but you can just use your tentacles to fend them off…

…or use one of those fake Ika Musume robots as a sacrifice since you don’t want your tentacles getting bitten by dogs.

Oh well, I salute you Ika Musume robot for saving the real Ika-chan!

But then again, Ika Musume won’t be saved this time as there’s a policewoman in Beach House Lemon. I’m sure that she suspects Ika-chan as a suspicious person…

See, Ika-chan is so suspicious that not only she has tentacles, but she can spit black ink when agitated.

But what the heck, Ika Musume is harmless so long as she doesn’t see anyone polluting Earth! And you know what, there’s another one that’s far more suspicious than Ika-chan…

No, it’s not Cindy nor those three stooges, but Sanae Nagatsuki as her stalker-like behavior can make anyone anxious, especially Ika-chan where she branded Sanae as creepy as hell!

Look at her face as Sanae browse every picture of Ika-chan. Don’t ask about some NSFW-ish snapshots on the titular invader!

But eventually, she was caught on the act by Kiyomi! Sorry Sanae, looks like you can’t go outside anymore… Maybe not as Kiyomi just overlook her stalker attitude as she sees Sanae as a maker of Ika Musume merchandise.

Wait a minute, I think Sanae should be arrested not only for being a stalker, but selling merchandise without Ika-chan’s permission! Then again, she’s a minor so Sanae will just do community service instead.

Anyways, that’ll be it for this third OVA episode of Ika Musume. Maybe next year, Diomedéa will make one… or maybe not!

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