Akatsuki no Yona Episode #11

With Ki-ja officially joined Yona’s party after last week’s episode, it’s time to find the Blue Dragon Warrior! Still, he’s at odds with Hak at this moment…

…until Princess Yona stopped both of them before it escalates. Sure that Hak can put out a fight against Ki-ja, but his wounds were not yet healed!

On the subject of Ki-ja, this episode shows that he’s not just a dragon warrior who has undying loyalty towards Yona as he’s showing his different personality, apart from having doubts on himself as he can’t do anything useful to the princess.

Being scared of bugs? I’m surprised there considering Ki-ja being cooped up in his home for a long time.

Having feelings towards Yona? Well, that’s normal for boys, but I see Ki-ja’s reaction being cute. I like how he’s not pretending to be calm to everyone!

As for Ki-ja’s usefulness to Yona’s journey of finding the dragon warriors (aside from fighting), I’m sure that he’ll work it out! Maybe next week, Ki-ja will be lucky to find the wandering Blue Dragon Warrior as it’s a pain to spot one!

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