Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #15

Here’s more Seitokai Yakuindomo as Episode 15 focuses on Ousai Academy’s Judo Club! I’m sure Mitsuba-san is pumped up to win the tournament for the club…

But don’t forget, there’s more sexual jokes coming from this episode, starting with this “accidental” cowgirl play!

Also, don’t explain the joke as it happens most of the time…

Moving onto this episode, Mutsumi Mitsuba is ready to take all of her rivals in the national Judo tournament. However, she’s nervous as well as having motion sickness when riding buses.

But you know what, all she needs is support from Takatoshi and Suzu. Oh, and apart from taking a lucky charm, Mutsumi should think positive like eating a Katsudon bowl!

Anyways, thanks to their support, Mutsumi put out a show and won every match. Great job Mitsuba-san!

Oh, and don’t forget Toki too as her injury didn’t hinder her performance against tougher opponents. With that said, they won the tournament so congrats to both Mutsumi and Toki for taking victory for Ousai Academy!

Well, that’s the only athletic accomplishment as the school failed to move past the first round in other sports such as softball and tennis.

And now, I end this post with Dejima-san smelling the essence of Aria Shichijou. Let’s hope that she won’t get caught…

And then she does. But that’s okay as Dejima is a masochist so give her some punishment, Aria-ojousama!

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