Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #12

So, what will Kanie-kun do when you need 252 attendees in less than 3 hours? Why not call some friends and family to visit Amagi Brilliant Park!

That’s a great idea, but I don’t think they’ll visit the park just to reach the target attendance of 500,000.

Surprisingly, they did came to Amagi Brilliant Park. Ranging from Moffle’s drinking buddies…

…to random kids who want to pounce on Isuzu Sento, they done a great job of saving the theme park as it reaches 500,003 attendees! Congratulations to Seiya and the crew at Amagi Brilliant Park!

Now that the theme park is saved, it’s time to save Princess Latifah Fullanza!

Unfortunately, Kurisu Takaya doesn’t want that as he revealed himself to be the fabled wizard that struck the Princess with the curse. Yup, I knew that he’s the frickin’ jilted wizard!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing they could do about it so they’ll have to wait for the inevitable. Well Seiya, time to say good-bye to the princess before she loses her one-year worth of those precious memories!

I mean, you’re done saving Amagi Brilliant Park by selling the a part of the property to Moll Mart, as well as reaching its target attendance. With that said, it’s farewell for Seiya Kanie!

Suddenly, Princess Latifah’s memories remained intact after striking the clock at midnight. Awesome!

Well, it was thanks to the Elpis tree that fully-bloomed in August 1. But even though it’s a miracle that the princess retained her memories, there’s a question of whether she’ll remember Seiya a year later or two since the tree won’t remedy her curse.

But anyways, Seiya Kanie has done his job at Amagi Brilliant Park so it’s time for him to return to his boring high school life!

Oh wait, maybe not! I guess he doesn’t want to quit yet until Latifah’s curse has been lifted. Other than the princess, there’s more to be done in Amagi Brilliant Park so it’s far from being fully-recovered financially!

But with that said, I’m glad that Seiya Kanie is back!

Next episode will be an epilogue to this light novel adaptation by Shoji Gatoh… I’m hoping that it’s going to be sillier after all that intense moments from Eps. 11 and 12!

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