Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode #11

Well, this is Souji Mitsuka as he became a girl permanently, now named as Solar Mitsuka!

Oh yeah, she has big tits… Yeah, something that Aika would be mad about since her chest is deliciously flat!

Moving onto this episode, here’s another monster-of-the-week! Well, there’s two monsters for this week’s episode where one of them is a snail.

But that’s not the point as Worm Guildy is here to do the usual routine of terrorizing the civilians and get beaten by the Twin Tails. Unfortunately…

…Tail Red is so sluggish that she can’t fight the enemy whole-heartedly as if she’s betraying the power of twintails! Therefore, Tail Blue and Yellow took care of those baddies instead.

For a guy who loves twintails has become a girl who has uncertainty. Not because of Spider Guildy’s strike at Souji’s noggin that he’s losing his identity, but because of Dark Grasper kissing him out of the blue from Ep. 9! Why Solar Souji, why!?

Speaking of Spider Guildy, looks like he evolved into Arachne Guildy. God, this is gonna be a pain in the ass to beat him next week!

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