SHIROBAKO Episode #11

Today’s episode is somewhat a shocker as Erika Yano’s father is in critical condition. So, she has to take a leave to take care of her dad. I’m sure Erika and her father will pull it through…

Since Erika Yano left Musashino Animation due to family concerns, that puts the pressure on Aoi Miyamori as scrambling to find reinforcement such as key animators, just to finish the 13th episode of Exodus!

While she’s out of luck on finding key animators as most of them are busy in January, Oi-chan got a tip to one of Shun “Nabe-P” Watanabe’s colleagues that there’s an animator out there who’s famous for the hit mecha series Neon Generation Avangaldon.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the great director Hideaki Anno who is known as Mitsuaki Kanno in the world of SHIROBAKO. Of course, Oi-chan will have a hard time convincing Kanno-san to become a key animator for Exodus! Episode 13, so I’m hoping that she’ll do her best the negotiations for next week’s episode!

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