Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #24

Yuki, don’t disappear just yet! Ruko wants to see you alive!

Damn, seeing Ru-chan broke down in tears is so depressing to start the finale. Way to go, Ulith!

But then, Tama appeared just in time to see Ru-chan. And you know what that means, it’s time for REAL BATTORU!

Wait, there’s more as Ruko got both Tama and Yuki. Combine them together, remove the “Ta” and “Ki”…

…and she got a Level 5 Mayu. Awesome! According to Ru-chan, this is the real form of Mayu she strive to achieve.

That makes the imperfect form of Mayu very pissed, and so was Ulith who wanted to scar Ruko hard!

Sorry Mayu and Ulith, but it’s time to end the Selector battles… unless Ruko’s Mayu (or Tamayuki) gone berserk like in the very beginning of Episode 1.

So, let’s end this BATTORU with a guessing game on what color she’s holding.

Lame, me want REAL BATTORU! Y’know, the WIXOSS card game that this show is promoting where it doesn’t explain the rules in favor of Mari Okada’s brand of suffering!

But lemme guess, is it colorless? C’mon, I’m sure that Mayu doesn’t represent any color since she’s the progenitor of the Selector Battles.

With that said, I’m right about Mayu not representing any color ’cause Ruko made a correct answer. And thus, the Selector Battle ends in Ruko’s favor!

Sorry Ulith, I guess you can’t ruin the girls and their hearts anymore. In fact, you’re just a nuisance!

And that concludes the Selector battle to end all battles. As for Mayu, she was hugged by Ruko as she’s no longer alone. Well, glad that Mayu didn’t show any malice until the end!

As for the LRIGs and Selectors, they returned to their normal lives so it’s all good! Despite the show bringing despair and pain to all characters (except for Ulith), WIXOSS ended on a happier note.

Of course, even though J.C.Staff made this anime series to promote the card game itself, it doesn’t matter if they’ll explain the rules of the game as J.C.Staff and Mari Okada paid attention to the characters and how they progress further until the end, as well as bringing a grim atmosphere where every battle is at stake.

But regardless of the card sales from Takara Tomy, WIXOSS is one of the dark horse anime series and it’s actually better than Mari Okada’s M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m gonna end this post with Tama gaining her human form! Damn, it’s such a tease that she didn’t meet Ru-chan!

Oh well, glad that it’s over!

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