Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #12

This is Embryo and for those who watched the opening sequence, he’s the guy who strip Ange naked with his glaring eyes. Creepy!

Oh yeah, and he propose every government the world (including the Misurugi Empire) to destroy all Norma and DRAGONs and rebuild the world. But in reality, Embryo is going to exert more control of humanity as he see them as idiots!

Moving onto this week’s episode, seems that Captain Salia is locked-up due to disobeying order. So for the time being, Hilda will become the interim captain until Salia’s detention is over.

Meanwhile, Ange learned a secret from Commander Jill (or Alektra Maria von Loewenherz) that there was a god who created a world so that everyone will live in peace. And that god is actually Embryo-sama…

…which not only created humans with mana powers, but he made the rising number of female mana defects into anti-social beings so that humans can unite and discriminate them. These defected beings are now called Norma.

Although he branded Normas as monsters to stabilize the world, there are some group of humans called the Ancient People who rejected the new world just because they can’t use mana. And so, the Ancient People and Norma joined forces to continue their battle for freedom and justice. Their struggle continues to this day.

Honestly, after hearing Jill’s story as well as Embryo’s plan of rebuilding the world from scratch, I have to say that history repeats itself and the cycle of struggle and discrimination remains, so Embryo will fail countless times of remaking a world as there’s no perfect civilization where all humans can live in peace.

Damn, I think I need a facepalm to this!

One last thing before I’m ending this post, it seems that Vivian is revealed to be a DRAGON that can shape-shift into a human. What a surprise there considering Riza’s reveal as a humanoid DRAGON back in Ep. 11.

So, the only way to turn Vivi-chan back to her human form is Angelise’s song which was passed down from her mother. Yeah, better than killing it ’cause it’s the same as killing a human being!

And look, modest steam to cover those naughty parts of Vivian’s body! Well then, I guess Ange can’t kill those DRAGONs anymore…

I think she’ll change her attitude on the next episode when Julio send an army to eradi- I mean rescue the Normas. What the heck, he was ordered to destroy Arzenal and all of the Normas ’cause Embryo said so!

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