Log Horizon 2 Episode #12

Looks like all three raid bosses are now defeated. Great job for William and his Silver Sword guild…

…plus Demikas, Naotsugu, and Tetra too! Of course, Demikas couldn’t handle those Shadow Vanguards by himself so jokes on him for boasting his ego.

Anyways, all that’s left for Shiroe is to negotiate a deal with Kinjou on this secret treasure room.

Oh yeah, and the reason why the Kunie clan hides this secret room is because all of the gold is being recycled and redistributed, which puts financial strain in maintaining the guild hall and other facilities.

And so, Shiroe made a contract and destroy it, citing that all of the facilities from Akihabara will be assigned to the Yamato Server. Thus, it relieves the Round Table Conference’s duties of maintaining those facilities.

Well done Shiroe, you saved Akihabara from bankruptcy!

Anyway, the raid is now over and all of the participants are rewarded handsomely, including the Moon Blossom Talisman which was given out to the villain-in-glasses.

I have to say William Massachusetts, giving a Phantasm-class item to your idol is very honorable!

Meanwhile, Shiroe and Naotsugu returned to Akihabara as heroes. And while they celebrate their victory on overcoming financial meltdown, it’s not yet over as they’ll have to deal with Plant Hwyaden next.

Just before I end this post, I have to point out that Regan has stayed at Susukino for the time being while Tetra went to Akihabara since she’s the new member of Log Horizon. Wait, I have to scratch the “she” part as Shiroe found out that Tetra is a boy. Don’t tell that to Naotsugu, or he might turn into white ash!

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  1. dyingearth says:

    William giving the loot to Shiroe isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. William is an assassin class toon (albeit, a range version) and Shiroe is a caster, they prized different stats. It is an very good gesture to give loot to someone NOT in your guild and someone who will be leaving your area of influence immediately. William will also be the first to acknowledge that they cannot finish this raid without Shiroe’s planning.

    As I understand it, Shiroe bought out not only all of the building in Akihabara, but all but the building in Minami and return to server. While he cannot stop what Plant Hwyaden does in Minami (they control the Cathedral, which means they controls who can revive in that city). No one else can pull the same kind of strategic building buying anymore.

    that should be all of the zones except those in Minami.

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