Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #12

Let’s start this episode with the usual fanservice. And while Eleonora and Ludmilla are tending their wounds after last week’s battle with five dragons, you won’t see any nipples at all because Satelight doesn’t want to!

Now onto this episode as the Silver Meteor Army went to Artesium to confirm Princess Regin’s identity as part of the royal Brune family.

While I’m expecting Duke Ganelon to appear and trap them…

Instead, Duke Thenadier has arrived to crush both Elen and Tigre and deny Regin’s royal existence by shedding her blood!

I’m surprised to see Tigre’s arch-nemesis blocking the Holy Grotto, but I was wondering if Duke Ganelon told him about it? I guess we’ll never know as that bastard ran away scot-free!

In any case, the Silver Meteor Army’s plan has been derailed by Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier.

And Tigre is about to get slain by his henchmen when Bertrand sacrificed his life to save Tigre.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Bertrand used his frail body to shield the young lord from being hit by falling debris in the Holy Grotto. I have to say, it was a heroic moment for that old guy!

Unfortunately, Bertrand’s body has gone so weary that he decides to die for Count Tigrevurmud Vorn. Damn, he’ll sure be missed!

In any case, looks like Tigre got a case of Heroic BSOD. I hope he got his groove back for next week’s finale!

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