Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #14

NOTE: Christmas Cancelled!

Really, someone pulled a sick joke about this. I hope Santa Claus would throw coals at that prankster for ruining Christmas!

Anyway, here’s a Christmas episode from Gaworare. Apart from Megumu still being treated as a girl (Sorry Megumu my boy!), Quest Hall is having a good time when Souta and his party are celebrating the holidays!

I’m hoping that Quest Hall won’t be painted with red ’cause Rin still has those yandere vibes. We don’t want her shedding blood in Christmas Eve!

Oh yeah, don’t forget on staging party games so that the guests won’t get bored. I’m sure they’re enjoying Souta-kun shoving his face onto Akane’s crotch!

See, they want a take part of the action. Ah forget it, this game is too risky to play that even Kurumiko is automatically barred from playing it!

Let’s be honest, this episode has lots of fanservice so Hoods Entertainment are making sure that they milk every lewd moment until it’s dried up!

Afterwards, things got settled down once the Christmas Party is over. Just kidding, there’s more time for the girls (plus Megumu) to flirt Souta-kun until dawn!

By the way, taking a selfie while someone massaging your shoulders could lead to misunderstanding. You have some explaining to do, Ms. Miyuki MacKenzie!

Also, Serika Gin’yuuin found out that Souta is the mysterious purple hooded guy from Episode 11.

Glad that she figure it out but Serika is embarrassed that she bad-mouthed Souta-kun. C’mon, he’s responsible for saving her in the first place!

But even though Serika finally know the truth, her singing voice is still scratchy that she needs to tweak her vocal chords a bit. I’m looking at you again, Aoi Yuuki!

But that’s about it for this special OVA episode of Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara!

Oh, and you’re expecting both Nanami and Souta to have an intimate kiss on a snowy night, I presume?

Too bad, they got interrupted! And by the way, both of them are siblings so it’s a no-no for now!

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