Parasyte -the maxim- Episodes #11 & #12

Well Kana, I’m sure that you wanna get onto Shinichi’s pants since you sense him most of the time. Alas, it was only just a dream!

This is reality. Sorry Kana, you maybe the best girl in Parasyte, but you just got friend-zoned by Shinichi!

Meanwhile, the parasites have evolved from being simple-minded monsters who prey on humans. So, we’re now seeing parasite-infested humans taking part in politics just to hide their presence and conceal their crimes.

With that said, it’s gonna be a hard time busting them!

As for Kana, she was killed as she wanted to feel Shinichi’s presence, only to find the wrong person and got stabbed in the heart instead!

Yeah, I’ve saddened by her loss…

And so, Shinichi took out her killer and gutted its heart out! Even though he got a heart to save Kana, it’s already too late!

Rest in peace Kana-chan, I’m sure you’ll make Shinichi Izumi as your boyfriend in your dreams!

And that’s the end of the first half of Parasyte. As Shinichi questions himself on whether he completely lost his humanity or not, the parasite threat is still at large now that they evolve into intelligent beings!

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