Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #13

And now, Amagi Brilliant Park presents you… EXTREME IRONING!

I’m sure that Gatoh-san got that idea from Clannad, but this final episode is all about making a promotional video for the theme park as the initial one is pretty much boring.

So, Tricen made a new version that combines both surreal and wacky elements (including Ashe’s extreme ironing) without spending much, and he uploaded it on the internet because why not! With that said, the PV made 74,801 views and I’m sure those viewers will visit the park very soon.

And that’s about it for Amagi Brilliant Park. As always, Kyoto Animation did a good job for adapting Shoji Gatoh’s new light novel series! Of course, even though it had a good reception, I don’t think Kadokawa would give KyoAni a go-ahead for another season just yet as the anime series is promoting the original novels. Therefore, we won’t be seeing Kurisu Takaya and his on-going nefarious plan of cursing the princess for the time being.

Until then, it’s farewell for Seiya Kanie and his wacky staff at Amagi Brilliant Park!

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