Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode #12

Souji, for a person who love twintails, you sure suck at styling your hair into one! I’m disappointed…

Meanwhile, Arachne Guildy tests his new powers against the helpless citizens…

…by turning ordinary guys into twintailed girls. If this continues, there would be no males left standing!

Tail Yellow and Blue tried to stop Arachne Guildy, but they’re overpowered so it’s up to Tail Red to save the day!

As Tail Red step it up to stop that Elemerian, it seems that Arachne Guildy and his love for traps overwhelm the twintail lover!

And Souji is about to lose…

…when he was transported into limbo. Scratch what I’ve said about him going to heaven, but every protagonists needs a time stop to sort themselves out!

And he was confronted by his own twintails, which gives Souji the will to fight for his love that’s three times faster!

If you don’t get the “three times faster” joke, then I’m sorry about that ’cause Shinichi Ikeda (aka Char Aznable) is motivating our protagonist to return to his love for twintails!

But anyways, Souji has returned. Not only that, but he got new powers thanks to Twoearle’s hair ornaments which gives Tail Red not one, but two forms to play with!

And there goes Arachne Guildy as he was defeated in a spectacular fashion thanks to the power of Souji’s love for twintails. Sorry Arachne Guildy, but his love is stronger!

With that said, the world returned to normal with all of the boys returned to their masculine bodies.

This includes Souji as his body returned to normal. And there was rejoicing now that Twoearle can still have a chance to pop his cherry!

Okay Aika Tsube, I know that you want to smack Twoearle just because she’s using her big boobies and shove into Souji’s tired face! Please let it slide for this final episode.

And that’s the end of OreTwi. I have to say that even though it has some animation inconsistencies, this show is so damn good because of its ridiculous plot that combines Super Sentai tropes with fetishes. Kudos to the staff for this wonderful adaptation!

Although OreTwi is over, there’s room for another season as Ultimaguil is still at-large. I’ll be glad if Production IMS would make OreTwi Season 2, but it’s a 50/50 chance of making it happen.

For now, the battle to protect twintails will continue into the far future! See ya Tail Rangers!

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