Log Horizon 2 Episode #13

Naotsugu, don’t get shocked because I’ll tell you about- Wait, I think I should keep Tetra’s gender a secret for the time being.

Meanwhile, Misa got her right arm back, albeit a mechanical one…

Anyways, here’s a breather episode where Akihabara is sharing the love on Valentine’s Day. And what a better way to express someone’s love…

…is by making sweets out of Coconia fruits, which is a truth serum by the way if someone eats it.

It happened to Shiroe as he ate Minori and Akatsuki’s Coconia Cake, and he’s about to answer a truthful question from those two lovely girls before someone blurted out “What’s your favorite food?” which Shiroe answered curry as his favorite food.

Well girls, I think you should wait for his answer when that time comes, but I’m sure Akatsuki will win over Minori. With that said, love is in the air in Akihabara.

This is a stark contrast to Minami where love is not in the air when Plant Hwyaden is in control.

Also, it was revealed that Indicus is actually controlling the guild and all of its activities, something that Nureha can do it but she couldn’t!

As for Nureha, I have to say that she wants Shiroe so much that she’s harboring yandere feelings towards the strategist. Too bad though as she’s being controlled by Indicus, which is ironic if you consider Indicus’ maid outfit compared to Nureha’s garb.

And let’s not forget about Nureha’s *ahem* shady past as Indicus use it as blackmail. After all, kids don’t want to get exposed on Nureha’s abuse!

But that’s about it for Episode 13 of Log Horizon 2. I think the next episode will show Kanami’s journey to the east. Can’t wait for that!

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