Tsukimonogatari Episodes #01 & #02

The moment where Koyomi saw Tsukihi’s naked body…

Let’s start with the new year with a Monogatari Series special where it takes place after Kaiki-san saved Nadeko-chan from a snake god in Hitagi End. Of course, seeing that swindler back in Suruga Devil confirmed that Kaiki-san survived from being attacked by a middle school student.

While Araragi-kun is grateful when he saw how Tsukihi’s body is developing, I’m sure that he’ll get some retribution later!

Anyways, let’s start off with Koyomi-oniichan as he’s taking a bath together with Tsukihi. While he’s washing his sister’s hair (Just hoping that Araragi-kun won’t lust Tsukihi like the last time with Karen!), Koyomi can’t see his reflection while looking at the mirror.

Now I’m sure that he’s becoming a vampire for those who are new to this series, but Araragi-kun became one in Kizumonogatari in which the film version of that prequel will be delayed indefinitely! Seriously SHAFT, tell me if you’re gonna pull the plug on that Kizumonogatari film or you’re still working at it?

Back to the main topic as Koyomi seeks help of his vampirism…

…right after Karen kicked him in the face. I knew that this will happen!

Now then, where will Araragi-kun find someone who can help him return to normal?

Well, there’s Koyomi’s loli-vampire partner Shinobu coming out of his shadow ala Ultraman.

Unfortunately, she can’t help him on returning his body to normal as he used his vampire powers so many times that Araragi-kun will eventually turn into one permanently!

Even Yotsugi Ononoki couldn’t help him either as she’s a doll born from a human corpse. Besides, the only thing Yotsugi can do is combating rouge apparitions.

By the way, I still like how she speak in a deadpan manner, especially when she says “Yeah!” at the end. Of course, her master Yozuru Kagenui is missing in action.

Okay, I take it back as Kagenui-san has returned. While she don’t want to settle the score against Shinobu back in Tsukihi Phoenix, it’s sad to say that Kagenui can’t help him on turning back into a normal human. Well, he’s out of options and I’m pretty sure that Araragi-kun won’t go out in broad daylight!

One last thing before I end this post is that the chapter and episode title screen is more elaborate compared to the previous seasons where it shows the chapter number/title name on a solid colored background. In any case, Studio SHAFT sure crank up the trippiness of its animation!

Anyways, it’s onto the last two episodes!

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