Tsukimonogatari Episodes #03 & #04

“If you use your vampire powers, I’ll punish you in the name of the moon!”

Sorry Araragi-kun, but Yotsugi’s right! You should live your life as a human instead of relying on Shinobu’s powers all the time.

Unfortunately, Koyomi caught in a bad timing as his sisters plus Suruga got kidnapped by some rouge exorcist.

Oh boy, that exorcist sure want Araragi-kun to activate his vampiric powers so that he/she could kill Koyomi and Shinobu off, plus the hostages afterwards. Two birds in one stone!

So, Koyomi asked Yotsugi for help on saving his sisters and Suruga from that rouge exorcist, who happened to be Kagenui’s rival named Tadatsuru Teori.

While he’s thankful for getting help from a shikigami, Araragi-kun should drop Yotsugi’s skirt. Of course, she can’t feel the chill down to her legs!

And there he is, expecting Koyomi to become a vampire and go “WRYYYY!!!” Too bad though as Araragi-kun is gonna stall Tadatsuru by begging for mercy, all while Ononoki sneaks in to rescue the hostages.

By the way, Tadatsuru wanted Yotsugi all by himself. Unfortunately, Ononoki chose Yozuru Kagenui instead!

Oh, and he got killed by Kagenui’s shikigami in a single blast using her Unlimited Rulebook powers. Wow, that was fast!

What can I say, Tadatsuru wasn’t intimidating as I hope for as all he does is fold papers at blazing speeds. With that said, it’s over and so much for Koyasu’s character!

As for the Fire Sisters and Suruga Kanbaru, Yotsugi and Koyomi found them inside the offering box where Teori-san sit on top of it.

Glad that they’re alive though as being cramped inside a box and being filled with paper cranes, charms, and other folded things is so cruel!

But what’s important is that they’re safe and they won’t have to worry about being kidnapped.

And that’s the end of Tsukimonogatari. I have to say that Yotsugi sure flesh her character out (despite keeping her deadpan personality), as well as her backstory. However, having a villain who didn’t do anything apart from kidnapping Koyomi’s sisters and Kanbaru on Yotsugi Doll is a letdown.

Aside from having elaborate but deranged animation (especially in the episode and chapter titlecards), having Araragi-kun fondling Tsukihi’s breasts upped the lewdness despite SHAFT’ing nipples for TV broadcast!

Regardless, I’m sure that this special will open up the final season of Monogatari Series.

Oh yeah, I forgot something that Yotsugi Doll takes place in February 13 and 14, so it’s no surprise that Hitagi Senjougahara is waiting for Araragi-kun to eat her chocolate.

Then again, Senjougahara wants to skip the chocolate and jump into Koyomi’s pants instead!

One last note, I’m sad that Alice left the music duo ClariS to focus on her studies. After all, the duo are still high school students as of present. However, seems that ClariS will continue when Clara got a new partner named Karen. But honestly, they should call themselves as ClareN instead of ClariS.

Anyways, looking forward for Monogatari Series Final Episode in the future…

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