Absolute Duo Episode #01

Here’s a new light novel adaptation by 8-bit and I feared that this series will be a one-season wonder to attract novel sales.

On the other hand, I like how Yulie Sigtuna stared at our male protagonist and being wrapped in “Jii~!” effect! Let’s hope that 8-bit’s animation is good… Nah, maybe not!

Anyways, the male protagonist named Tohru Kokonoe entered a prestigious Kouryou Academy where students manifest their souls into weapons called Blaze.

And while Tohru is introducing himself to some of the students, including this character named Imari Nagakura…

…until the school headmistress Sakuya Tsukumo declared a battle royale to test their Blaze against each other.

Having Yui Horie’s character declaring a battle is a great way to start the school year! Sadly, it’s not like most of the students are killed anyway.

Oh yeah, Tohru has a Shield Blaze that can block/parry a weapon and punch the enemy away with his right hand. By the way, I can clearly see that both Haruka Tomatsu and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s characters battling out ala Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (Asuna and Kirito are there as playable characters by the way).

Now for the animation, i have to say that it’s average at best and it’s a step-down compared to Le Fruit de la Grisaia. Sure that I like how 8-bit animate that “Jii~!” sound effect to ridiculous levels…

However, there are some scenes that are plain odd like Rito Tsukimi’s introduction. As you can see, her face is getting distorted.

Sure that you won’t see it normally, but you’ll notice this slightly-low quality animation if you have a keen eye to detail.

Of course, I still dig into Yukari Tamura’s character as she’s so cute for a teacher! After all, having Hocchan, Yukarin, plus Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu is better than having none.

Now for the story itself as Tohru Kokonoe is a typical shonen hero character who wanted to become stronger in order to take revenge against someone, and I can see Tohru resembling both Kazuto Kirigaya and Arata Kasuga…

…with a bit of Sorata Kanda as he became Yulie Sigtuna’s partner who acts like a silent character akin to Rei Ayanami, but she resembles Mashiro Shiina (minus the autism) due to Matsuoka’s previous show Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

By the way, Yulie Sigtuna is voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto who previously played Yukimura Kusunoki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

Anyways, the next episode will see Tohru doing some adjusting to his partner Yulie as he becomes stronger. However, I have a feeling that Absolute Duo might dwell deeper into fanservice territory.

Worst-case scenario, it’ll have the same train-wreck experience like in Magical Warfare as Kadokawa might tell 8-bit to rush it after milking all of those semi-exposed tits and panty shots!

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