Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode #12

KimiUso has returned for the second half, and this dynamic duo of Kaori Miyazono and Kousei Arima are practicing for the upcoming gala event. So far, they’re syncing up quite well apart from Kousei’s recovery.

Well, most of the time that is… Good luck you two!

But then, there’s a problem as Miyazono-san is MIA at the gala event and it’s a bad thing as she might branded as a “no-show” by the organizers! I wonder if she got collapsed again, which is the worst-case scenario for Arima-kun? I hope she’s okay…

By the way, Watari calling Kaori-chan is pretty much futile as she left her cellphone at home. Really Miyazono-san, why do you have to leave your phone when they’re worried about you!?

With that said, the show must go on as Kousei step up to play his piano just to buy some time for Kaori’s arrival!

Glad that he made a good move on doing his thing as a pianist, but I’m still worried about his performance stopping mid-way.

One more thing before I go, here’s Emi Igawa sneaking in to the gala event to see Arima-kun play.

Seriously, that girl has a crush on Kousei as he was her idol and inspiration! Also, I give Saori Hayami a thumbs up for having that flustered voice!

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