Shinmai Maou no Testament (TV Version) Episode #01

Next thing you know, the male protagonist will pop up a boner!

This is Shinmai Maou no Testament, and it’s a combination of both OreImo (thanks to Yuuichi Nakamura voicing another big brother character) and Highschool DxD (due to having devils and heroes).

Oh, and this show has some resemblance of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica since Tetsuto Uesu authored both Estetica and Testament.

Now for the story itself. Testament has the same plot as Estetica since Basara Tojo was tasked by his father to protect both Mio and Maria Naruse from rogue demons and heroes.

Oh yeah, and there’s fanservice but it’s censored unlike Estetica. Kadokawa and Production IMS, I’m disappointed with you!

For the characters, I like how Basara Tojo act like a badass brother compared to Tatsuya Shiba and Kyousuke Kousaka, as he’s more akin to Issei Hyoudou. As for Mio Naruse, her personality resembles Kirino Kousaka but with boobies.

With that said, it’s onto the next episode. But seriously, I wish this show was aired uncensored!

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