SHIROBAKO Episode #13

And so, the second half SHIROBAKO has begun. By the way, I would like to clarify that Musashino Animation’s adaptation of Third Aerial Squad Girls will be aired in Fall, so there’s plenty more time to plan and execute on its anime adaptation.

Also, Aoi Miyamori is now handling production desk manager, which means that she’ll plan and oversee the whole adaptation.

On the subject of Third Aerial Squad Girls, seems that Shizuka Sakaki is gonna try her best to land a role on MusAni’s next project. Man, it’s gonna be destiny if that happens!

In any case, there’s much time for Oi-chan to organize the adaptation. Sure that it’ll have many challenges ahead in regards to MusAni’s adaptation of Third Aerial Squad Girls, but I believe that she and the rest of the staff will pull it through.

Oh yeah, and I’m hoping that Tarou-kun won’t screw it again! God, I still hate him!

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